3M Takes Customer Service To The Extreme

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3M Takes Customer Service To The Extreme


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Meet customer needs and you are well on your way to business success. Sounds easy, right? Even in the age of social media where you can track what your potential customers are talking about, it can be challenging to pinpoint exactly what they need. That’s because your customers don’t always know how to define their needs.

It may be that the specifics on these customer needs are difficult to provide given they are linked to customer problems that are often quite complex.Even providing potential answers for customers like Calendar has done for small business people struggling with time management is a way to meet needs that customers didn’t even know they had. That goes with what companies like Uber and Lyft have done for transport needs or SkyBell has accomplished for home security needs.  After that, you are way ahead of your competition and on your way to building strong brand loyalty.

Stretching Product Boundaries to Meet Customer Needs

Meeting customer needs means going beyond a brand’s comfort zone. That’s the case with 3M and its Post-it® Brand. Recently, it launched an innovative Post-it® Brand product for indoor and outdoor use. It’s called Post-it® Extreme Notes, which can withstand tough conditions and stick on new surfaces. This new capability for Post-it® Notes means that it has the potential to meet customer needs in new markets and business segments. These include the construction, culinary, and manufacturing industries.

To illustrate how tough this new product is, Post-it® Extreme Notes were put to the test in one of the most extreme places in the United States. This was Fairbanks, Alaska where local businesses participated. Remi Kent, Global Business Director, Post-it® Brand, said that the campaign for this new product was the most integrated go-to-market program in the brand’s history.

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