2023: The year in figures and charts

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2023: The year in figures and charts


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A look back at the last 12 months, through data.

2023 was marked by crisis, transition and conflict.

As the war in Ukraine dragged into its second year, the EU was confronted with yet another conflict on its doorstep: The Israel-Hamas war, which brought fresh instability to the Middle East and exacerbated divisions between EU countries.

Europe now heads into a big election year and governments are left grappling with major challenges: The lingering effects of the cost-of-living crisis, the impact of migration and an ever-warming planet.

From the toll of bloody wars to sky-high temperatures, here are the figures behind the topics that defined 2023.

In February, Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine entered its second year and by mid-October another war between Israel and Hamas erupted. As world leaders split their focus across two fronts, debating cease-fires and humanitarian pauses, while fighting internal battles over aid to Ukraine, the human cost of these wars continues to rise.

The U.S.’s military commitments to Ukraine dwarf those of other countries. Germany is the next most significant donor, but even the sum of all EU members’ military commitments to Kyiv comes up short of U.S. contributions to the tune of €2 billion.  

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