15th Transatlantic Forum at Univ. of Chicago

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15th Transatlantic Forum at Univ. of Chicago


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The 15th annual Transatlantic Forum kicks off Mon., Oct. 24 at the Univ. of Chicago.

Since 2002, Transatlantic Forum has been an arena to promote enhanced cooperation between American, Canadian and Norwegian research, education and innovation. It was started by Norway’s embassies in Ottawa and Washington, D.C, and has since developed into an annual event, this year being number 15.

In 2016, humanities, social sciences and societal challenges are the main topics of the forum, with the mission statement: “Finding human solutions to societal challenges.”

This year’s forum will be held at the University of Chicago, who has been a great partner in arranging the event, with several speakers coming from the University.

Transatlantic Forum aims to strengthen Norway’s collaboration with universities, research institutions and businesses in the U.S. Midwest and Canada’s Toronto area.

The picture below shows this years Conference venue, Ida Noyes Hall at the University of Chicago.

“It is a forum where policymakers and knowledge producers meet to forge and develop long-term partnerships, and to discover cross-disciplinary and groundbreaking new ideas,” according to the Transatlantic Forum’s webpage.

There are 114 speakers registered for the event, who will discuss topics such as Climate and Energy Transformation, Global Challenges, Social Innovation and International Law, and Courts and Democracy in a Time of Extremism.

The speakers include Norwegian Minister of Education and Research Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, Nobel Prize winner in economics James J. Heckman, Dean of the College John W. Boyer from the University of Chicago, and Norwegian Ambassador to the United States Kåre R. Aas.