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Fish Farmer: Norwegian exports defy coronavirus onslaught

Remarkably, Norway saw its salmon exports increase last month despite the ravages to trade caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Its fish farmers exported 85,800 tonnes of salmon worth NOK 6.1 billion (£473 million) in March. This is an increase in volume of four per cent, while the value increased by NOK 103 million, or two per cent, on March last year.

And in the first three months of this year, 252,000 tonnes of salmon were exported, worth NOK 18.5 billion (£1.43 billion), a volume rise of two per cent and a value increase of 11 per cent. Poland, France and the US were the main markets.

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Norwegian Seafood Council: Best ever first quarter for Norwegian seafood exports

Norway exported 640,000 tonnes of seafood with an export value of NOK 25.6 billion in the first quarter of 2019. This represents is a decline in volume of 18 per cent but a growth in value of 7 per cent or NOK 1.8 billion measured against the first quarter of 2018. The volume decline was just 2% when the pelagic category is excluded from the statistics.

“The volume decline in the pelagic category is due to lack of capelin this year, in addition to delays in the reporting of blue whiting from direct landings abroad”, says seafood analyst Paul T. Aandahl with the Norwegian Seafood Council.

“The value of seafood exports in the first quarter have reached a record high. This is mainly driven by increased prices for several of our most important species. There are good, stable market conditions, increased demand in our key markets, and a weak Norwegian kroner against both the US dollar and the euro sets a record price for seafood exports”, says seafood analyst Ingrid K. Pettersen with the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Norway exported 205,400 tonnes of seafood at a value of NOK 9.1 billion in March. This is a decline in volume of 36 per cent and an increase in value of 1 per cent or NOK 89 million compared with March last year.

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The Norwegian American: Is farmed salmon safe and healthy?

Fish is Norway’s most important export after oil. With the Norwegian fishing industry pioneering some of the world’s most advanced aquacultural practices, it is no surprise that a growing percentage of Norwegian salmon is farm raised. In fact, as of 2008, Norway and Chile are responsbile for two-thirds of the world’s supply of farm-raised salmon.

The Norwegian American’s Eric Stavney explores the practice of farm-raised salmon and discusses the health concerns associated with it HERE.