COVID-19 has shaken markets, creating challenges and uncertainty for businesses across all 22 of AmCham’s industry groups. The AmCham COVID-19 Resource Center aims to bring together the latest reports and best practices from our member companies to ensure that you have the information you need to operate with confidence as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve in the coming months. 


Webinar Recording: Government compensation for fixed costs

Kompensasjonskalkulator: beregn hvor mye støtte din bedrift kan få

Mercer: Coronavirus Outbreak Update

Praktisk oversikt over midlertidige regler på selskapsrettens område som følge av koronaviruset

New law relating to temporary financial compensation measures introduced for businesses with a significant fall in turnover

Forslag til ny rekonstruksjonslov

Defending your supply chain against coronavirus COVID-19

Selmer Korona Task Force

Eirik Høiby – Pandemic implications in general, force majeure, litigation, and contracts

Gro Løge – Pandemic implications in general, force majeure, and contracts

André Istad Johansen – Employment law

Tor HerdleværReconstruction and financing

Nils Kristian Einstabland – IP/IT, contracts, and distribution

COVID-19: Q&A for businesses

Selmer Koronahjelp - free legal counseling for small businesses, organizations, and associations

Impacts on Foreign Businesses

COVID-19: A multi country overview of supportive measures

Coronavirus Report - Powered by SAS® Viya®

Telenor stepping up its contribution to societies in their fight against the effects of the Coronavirus

Back to Business in the US: Considerations in the Wake of COVID-19

Cognizant's Response to COVID-19

Coronavirus Insights Page

Bain Insights: Back to Work

COVID-19 Insights & Data Tracking

COVID-19 Resources & Insights

Global Coronavirus HR, Communications & Resources Guide

This is a global, crowdsourced, and constantly expanding initiative that includes over 11 pages of links to various global resources. A special thank you to Henning von Borcke at Avollon for sharing this with us.

HR Implications of COVID-19: Insights from South Korea

Tomorrow Will Be Spring: One Global Company’s Steps to Navigate COVID-19 in China – and the Lessons Learned

Leadership in a Virtual Environment: Findings and Analyses

This survey of Norwegian, US, British, and international business leaders analyzes how corporate leaders are adapting and managing in today’s virtual environment. The report includes insights on remote work, management adjustments, and productivity.

Insight Center: Coronavirus

IBM Keep It Simple (KIS) Technology Podcast

The IBM Keep It Simple (KIS) Technology Podcast  explain stechnology in a simple way so everyone understands and benefits. We interview top leaders from around the world getting their insights on technology and how-to be a better leader.

Amazon Web Services support for affected Nordic organizations and businesses

HPC on AWS for COVID-19 Research and Development

How Telenor's mobility data can help predict and prevent the spread of COVID-19

Arbeidstilsynets nye råd rundt luftfuktighet på kontoret

Humidity: the surprising factor that can impact employee wellbeing

Virtual Exams and Assessments Solved with Mercer Mettl

United CleanPlus

Coronavirus (COVID-19): What we're doing to keep customers and employees safe

COVID-19: Government Advisories and Carrier Bans

Gratis rådgivning

Management for hire, or did you say interim manager? Reflections on management in times of uncertainty

Seven Tips For Remote Crisis Management

COVID-19: Practical workforce strategies that put your people first

Resources to Effectively Lead Amid COVID-19

State-by-State Business Reopening Guidance

Norwegian Government: Business Compensation Scheme

US Government: Government Response to Coronavirus, COVID-19

Information on the CARES Act (US COVID-19 Relief Bill)

Pandemics Depress the Economy, Public Health Interventions Do Not: Evidence from the 1918 Flu

COVID-19 News