AmCham Defense Forum: A New Security Environment

Rud Pedersen Public Affairs recently hosted AmCham’s first Defense Forum of the year, centered on the “Development of the Norwegian Armed Forces in a New Security Environment and Opportunities for Industry,” featuring esteemed speakers Kjetil Skogrand and Ine Eriksen Søreide.

Skogrand, Partner and Director of Defense & Security at Rud Pedersen, provided a comprehensive overview of Norway’s strategic landscape, emphasizing its critical position in a challenging neighborhood and the implications of its role as a significant energy supplier and coastal nation in potential conflicts. He underscored Norway’s increasing importance, particularly in light of Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership. Skogrand further discussed the Norwegian armed forces and the forthcoming long-term defense plan (LTP), noting the country’s track record of effectively implementing such plans.


Ine Eriksen Søreide

Acquisition Pace & Standardization

Subsequently, Ine Eriksen Søreide, Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party and Chair of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs & Defense, shared insights from her recent participation in the NATO exercise Nordic Response. Highlighting the evolving nature of Nordic cooperation, Søreide stressed the significance of the enhanced ability for information-sharing and mutual protection, especially in the face of Russia’s escalating activities in the Arctic region and overall military scale-up.

While not divulging sensitive details about the impending LTP, Søreide emphasized the imperative of streamlining acquisition processes to meet defense objectives. She indicated that reducing Norway-specific adjustments to military procurement and investing in readily available materials, akin to practices adopted by allied nations, could be one of the several measures needed in addressing existing deficiencies in the national force structure effectively.

In conclusion, the Defense Forum highlighted the critical strategic considerations facing Norway in the evolving security landscape, alongside opportunities for enhanced cooperation and streamlined defense procurement processes. Optimism abounded regarding forthcoming investments in the defense sector, promising improvements in both materials and personnel. However, the anticipated influx of funding poses challenges in absorption, necessitating careful planning for administration and staffing of new initiatives and solutions. As Norway prepares for these transformations, it underscores the necessity of adaptability and foresight in navigating the complexities of modern defense.

Kjetil Skogrand

About the AmCham Defense Forum

In partnership with the US Commercial Service, the Defense Forum supports US defense industry partners in Norway. Key Patron-level and defense industry representatives gather quarterly to forge enhanced public-private sector collaboration – sharing insights, developments, and trends to secure long-term transatlantic bonds.

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