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The Top 10 Overlooked Facts About International Trade

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Outside US borders are markets that represent 80% of the world’s purchasing power, 92% of the economic growth, and 95% […]

Aug 2014

: 14th Annual AmCham Golf Tournament

Location: Oslo

Aug 2014

: ONS 2014 – The Leading Energy Meeting Place

Location: Stavanger

Jul 2014

: Hall of Fame Summerfest

Location: Blaker Skanse

Jun 2014

: ACCN Independence Day Celebration

Location: Frognerparken, Oslo

Jun 2014

: US vs. Germany

Location: Hard Rock Cafe, Oslo

May 2014

: Helseindustrikonferansen 2014

Location: Oslo

May 2014

: Industrikonferansen 2014

Location: Scandic Fornebu Hotel, Oslo

Business news

Oljefondet gjør milliardinvestering i Boston og San Francisco

Posted 25.07.2014

Statens pensjonsfond Utland planlegger å kjøpe to kontorbygg i henholdsvis Boston og San Francisco, melder Investment & Pensions Europe (IPE). […]

Negotiations for a Trans-Atlantic Trade Pact Resumed in Brussels

Posted 16.07.2014

Eliminating decades of cumbersome tit-for-tat restrictions is a major goal of negotiators from the United States and the European Union […]

Exxon’s Norway Output Threatened as Union Readies Pension Strike

Posted 24.06.2014

A Norwegian oil-workers union said it’s ready to go on strike over pensions in a move that threatens to cut […]

Norway PM Joins Forces With Central Bank to Support Oil Industry

Posted 20.06.2014

Prime Minister Erna Solberg pledged to protect Norway’s oil industry from political interference as the central bank warned it may […]

Facts 2014 – All You Need to Know About Norwegian Petroleum Activities

Posted 13.06.2014

In cooperation with the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has published a new edition of its […]


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