“Expect the Unexpected” – C-SPAN Journalist and Presidential Debate Moderator Steve Scully Joins Nordic AmChams for a Special Election Update

In a dynamic US Election Series session, AmCham Norway and fellow Nordic AmChams hosted one of Washington’s most seasoned political journalists, C-SPAN’s Steve Scully, for an inside look at the upcoming presidential election.

Scully led off by letting attendees know that they should simply “expect the unexpected,” something the highly experienced newsman noted was informing his preparations for moderating the October 15 town hall format Biden-Trump debate.

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Throughout the AmCham session, Scully drew upon his three decades of experience covering US presidential elections, juxtaposing these insights with anecdotes from his own personal exchanges with President Trump and Vice President Biden. Chief among them was relying too much on polling, which Scully noted are snapshots of the race at an exact moment, often failing to capture the fluidity and dynamism of presidential elections in the 21st century.

A part of that dynamism is the “October surprise,” a topic Scully also touched upon. While there will no doubt be revelations within the next several weeks, Scully noted that “heightened levels of political polarization in the US – unlike anything witnessed in my three decades as political journalist – make it difficult to predict the effect such an event would have on the election.”

Scully rounded out the session by taking questions from attendees, providing unique, highly-informed takes on common election narratives found in the Nordic news media.

You can watch or re-watch the webinar with Steve Scully on a video recording (available soon!)

About the US Election Series

With the 2020 US elections only weeks away, AmCham Norway, in collaboration with our fellow Nordic AmChams and the US Embassy in Norway, continues our 2020 US Election Series. Featuring experts and commentators from diverse organizations such as Fox News, TV 2, Pew Research Center, C-SPAN, and the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the fact-based series is developed to enlighten and engage business and government leaders on a political process that impacts us all.

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