AmCham Digitalization Forum: Ransomware Recovery & Digital Adaptation Leadership

Leaders from Badenoch + Clark, DNB, DNV, KPMG, Lockton Companies, Marsh, Microsoft, Schjødt, Sparebank1, Tailormade Consulting and Thommessen met virtually for AmCham’s latest Digitalization Forum.

Ibas Ontrack Country Sales Manager Lars Løfsgaard and Senior Nordic Operations Manager Øyvind Nyland, expertly presenting from their Nordic headquarters Kongsvinger, outlined first steps for directors to take during a ransomware attack. Detailing practical data recovery processes and salvage options, “a new business falls victim to ransomware every 11 seconds,” according to Nyland.

Regular staff training, replacing legacy systems and cultivating a rapid incident reporting culture are vital.

The duo emphasized that data exfiltration has markedly increased during recent attacks, with more potential reward for criminals than simply blocking access to key company files. Guiding participants through illustrative case studies, “regular staff training, replacing legacy systems and cultivating a rapid incident reporting culture are vital” for addressing what is unfortunately a very possible scenario for all of our businesses.


Lars Løvsgaard  – Country Sales Manager

Øyvind Nyland – Senior Nordic Operations Manager

Jennifer Vessels – CEO

Customer Needs & Team Empowerment

Longtime forum moderator Jennifer Vessels, CEO of Next Step, then took the lead by outlining observations and key findings from her intensive work with organizations and international business leaders through the shift to digital business. “In 2020 there was no rulebook on how to lead and change your business in the face of a pandemic. Companies who had digital transformation on the agenda for years suddenly had to adjust in a matter of hours,” noted Vessels.

With almost every business leader in Norway, the US and around the globe facing similar challenges, Vessels warmly embraces the radical shift in innovation and business transformation, noting however that not all things can be done or experienced the same virtually. “Don’t simply recreate physical experiences digitally, start with understanding customer needs today and in the future. Learn by doing – start small, learn, pivot, learn.”

Vessels and forum participants went on to discuss the importance of an empowered, communicative team – supported by a sound OKR framework – in achieving such profound adaptation.

Source: Next Step

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