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Preparing for the Opportunities and Challenges of a Digital Future

The AmCham Digitalization Forum was initiated in 2016 in response to wide interest from AmCham member company leaders in better understanding the challenges and opportunities of today’s digital business environment. 

From sharing best practices to exploring how different member companies have implemented digital transformations, the series aims to foster confidence, inspire collaboration, and promote cross-industry dialogue across the Norwegian-American business community.

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Human Resources & Digital Transformations

While often discussed in terms of technological adaptation and innovation, the accelerating rate of digital change and disruption also has a pronounced effect on human resources, from employee retention to recruitment. The AmCham Digitalization Forum has taken this issue to heart, addressing issues such as leadership development in a digital age, the institution of digital KPIs, and holistic approaches to helping employees adapt in periods of intense, digital market disruption.

Digital Collaboration

Through our Digitalization Forum series, member companies large and small have explored to importance of cross-industry collaboration, a discussion built upon the real-world experiences of forum participants. Whether discussing peer-to-peer collaborative programs between companies of a similar size to “vertical” collaboration between different sized firms, whether through startup accelerators such as Techstars, acquisitions, or other collaborative agreements, the importance of leveraging cross-industry expertise to accelerate adaptation, foster creativity, and stimulate value creation has been a core component of the series.

Keeping ahead of trends – Sharing best practices, failures, and new initiatives

Throughout the Digitalization Forum, the importance of having a proactive digital strategy is often a key discussion point. Critical to the formulation of such strategies, however, is increasing one’s awareness of new trends – even in other industries. Forum participants find the opportunity to learn about digital transformation implementation and strategy formulation in response to shifting market dynamics highly valuable.

Forum Format

AmCham’s Digitalization Forums are hosted on a quarterly, rotating basis by AmCham’s member companies, featuring twenty participants and a program that runs approximately two hours.

The host of each forum typically gives a presentation on an agreed forum related topic during the first 15 minutes of the forum. From that point, participants engage in a moderated roundtable discussion for the remainder of the session.

Previous Forums

Forum Summary: AmCham Digitalization Forum – May 2019

AmCham held a special edition of our quarterly Digitalization Forum on May 29th. Headlining the forum was Harvard Business School’s Sunil Gupta, author of Driving Digital Strategy: A Guide to Reimagining Your Business, who took attendees through how businesses must adjust, adapt, and evolve to thrive in today’s fast-paced digital business climate.

Following his presentation, Gupta joined Cisco’s Trine Strømsnes, Microsoft’s Christopher Frenning, and DNB’s Rasmus Aage Figenschou for a highly engaging panel discussion moderated by Next Step’s Jennifer Vessels.

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“The key to managing digital transformation is to understand that regardless of technological advancements, people are still your competitive advantage.”

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