AmCham’s Tech Talent Network at Google: AI Innovation, Future & Policy

AmCham’s Tech Talent Network (TTN) gathered at Google Norway’s offices, with Country Director Tine Austvoll Jensen warmly welcoming participants and addressing how Google is harnessing AI for good. Recently celebrating 25 years of innovation “1998-style,” a lot has happened since Larry and Sergey started Google in their rented garage.

Tine shared her excitement for what the future holds as we experience one of the biggest technological shifts in our lifetimes, and referenced Pew Research Center’s recent in-depth report As AI Spreads, Experts Predict the Best and Worst Changes in Digital Life by 2035.

Google’s Technical Lead for Data and ML, Sina Nek Akhtar, delved even deeper into the history of AI and demonstrated how the company is helping industries utilize these tools to drive business innovation and success.

What Can Norway Learn from US AI Policy?

Earlier this year, Norway’s Ministry of Education and Research signed an MOU with the US Department of Energy to work more closely on research, innovation, education, and ethical issues in the field of artificial intelligence.

Participants welcomed at Google Norway's offices

Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Consortium (NORA) Senior Policy Advisor Alex Moltzau joined TTN’ers to share policy updates, challenges, and his thoughts on Norway’s new digitalization strategy due out in 2024.

NORA is a collaboration between eight Norwegian universities (NMBU, OsloMet, UiA, UiB, UiO, UiS, UiT and USN), three colleges (BI, HiØ and HK) and five research institutes (NORCE, Simula, SINTEF, WNRI and NR) to strengthen Norwegian research, education and innovation within artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.

Alex discussed ongoing developments in the United States, and particularly ongoing National Artificial Intelligence Research Task Force work. Further, the CREATE AI Act introduced to US Congress this summer could be used as inspiration for Norwegian policy development and collaboration.

Alex went on to urge the technology talents in the room to consider getting more involved in local policy work, staying updated and engaging with politicians. He also noted the critical need to educate lawmakers, pointing to the Congressional Bootcamp on AI that the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) has organized, and their work to inform political staffers.

About the AmCham Tech Talent Network

TTN is a non-competitive arena for knowledge sharing, professional development, and expanding international market insights, currently open to select Patron-level technology industry member representatives. Exclusive quarterly sessions with industry leaders and external speakers create opportunities for collaboration and leadership development.

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