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JPT: Equinor Subsea Shuttle Concept Brings CO2 to Subsea Reservoirs

CO2 sequestration today is almost exclusively an onshore operation, involving networks of pipelines, compressors, and teams of personnel to oversee it all. In a newly released video, Equinor has proposed another idea: a fleet of electrically-powered submarines that will carry COto subsea injection sites autonomously.

Each of these “subsea shuttles” would be 135 m (443 ft) long, roughly equivalent to eight semi-trucks parked one after another, but significantly taller. Equinor has shared the concept so far only on its LinkedIn page where it said the idea was the result of a collaboration between an inventor and experts in IT, 3D printing, and CO2 management.

In the computer animation, multiple shuttles are shown transiting to and from a subsea installation that also features resident underwater vehicles—itself an emerging but not fully realized concept.