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UDI recommends that you wait to apply for citizenship until 3 February

If you are planning to apply for Norwegian citizenship, we recommend that you wait until 3 February 2020. On that date UDI will publish new application forms on our website.

Published: 17.12.2019

From 1 January, dual citizenship will be allowed.

Easier to fill in

The new forms will be easier to fill in, and you will be given specific information about what documents you need to bring to the police or embassy. UDI will also start collecting more information from other Norwegian authorities automatically, and you can therefore hand in less documents than previously.

UDI will also publish a specific form for you who have previously been a Norwegian citizen, but lost your Norwegian citizenship because you became a citizen of another country, or because you did not renounce your previous citizenship within the deadline you were given by the UDI.

Some applications can be processed automatically

Before the summer of 2020, the UDI will start to process some of the applications automatically. This will only be possible for those who have used the new forms. “Automatic processing” means that a computer uses the information we have about you and decides whether you can become a Norwegian citizen without a case worker assessing your case. If there are no doubts that you fulfil the requirements for becoming a Norwegian citizen, your application will be processed automatically, and you will receive an earlier answer.

If UDI need to check something, or there is any chance that your application will be rejected, your application will be processed by one of our case workers. Even if your application is processed by a case worker, the total waiting time until you receive an answer will most likely be shorter than if you apply before February.

If you are planning to apply, you can start to prepare now by reading about the requirements for Norwegian citizenship.