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Kroll: Navigating uncertainty during the Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Navigating uncertainty during the Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Article: Navigating Uncertainty During the Russia-Ukraine Crisis

As the crisis unfolds, Kroll has been helping clients assess sanctions exposure, consider fast-moving divestment decisions, and manage disruptions to supply chains. Kroll also has a strong valuation and restructuring practice that can support with write downs or divestitures.   

Russia – Ukraine crisis response – Kroll service: 

Counter-party screening: whether joint venture partners, suppliers, buyers or service providers, Kroll deploys risk-appropriate analysis to investigate sanctions exposure.

Identifying sanction risk: using data analytics for comprehensive, risk-focused identification of sanctions risk and ongoing monitoring of sanction exposure for at-risk relationships

Divestment risk: comprehensively evaluating potential buyers, from sanctions exposure, financial capacity and reputational impact, including work on comparative assessments

Breach support: investigative support for potential sanctions breaches by employees or third-party relationships that present breach risk; aid in regulatory reporting and voluntary disclosures

Valuation support for write-downs or divestitures

Supporting business’ response: as businesses adapt and engage with new supply chains and partners, Kroll supports the swift assessment of risk in new relations and can help with onboarding

Cyber support: Kroll’s cyber capabilities support all the above, including asset protection through divestment to investigative analysis in sanctions breaches. Kroll provides 24/7 cyber incident support.

Litigation and disputes: litigation readiness support, advice and expert testimony in relation to potential disputes including assessments of loss; technical advice and analysis on accounting issues, economic and market related issues, and impact on complex financial products

Restructuring and wind-downs: assisting with the restructuring and/or orderly wind-down of entities impacted by the sanctions regime

Crisis management and evacuation services to protect personnel and operations

For more information, please contact Anna Hensel, Managing Director, Governance & Risk Advisory at: anna.hensel@kroll.com