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MAREX: Jotun Hull Skating Solutions Tested by Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Finding owners willing to pilot-test an onboard remotely-operated proactive hull cleaning unit wasn’t easy, but when Jotun reached out to Wallenius Wilhelmsen, they found a partner who shared their vision for a more environmentally-responsible shipping industry.

As the operator of a fleet of 126 RoRo vessels, 11 marine terminals and 71 processing centres around the world, Wallenius Wilhelmsen is a true global giant.  And while the company has a long and proud history moving cargoes all over the world, Wallenius Wilhelmsen has also been a pioneer in seeking new ways to reduce its environmental impact.

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Press Release: Jotun reduces print delivery distance by equivalent of a trip to the Moon

OSLO, Norway: Gelato has enabled Jotun to reduce the delivery distance of its print material by 373,000 km in 2018, the equivalent of travelling from the Earth to the Moon. The partnership has also reduced associated CO2 emissions by 113,000 kg and reduced print costs by 47 percent.

Jotun is a leading manufacturer of paint, coatings and powder coatings with nearly 10,000 employees across 45 countries. As part of its GreenSteps initiative, Jotun is committed to offering greener products that maintain high product quality and reliability standards and deployed Gelato Globe across its B2B units a year ago.

Gelato Globe combines digital brand management with the ability to print locally. The software allows print files to be stored, edited and shared through a cloud solution accessible from any device. Rather that printing everything centrally and then transporting across the globe, once prints are ordered, the files are automatically shared with the professional print houses that are closest to the delivery address.

This enables quick turnaround, eliminates customs issues and reduces delivery distances, associated carbon emissions and costs.

Cecilie Skeie Melberg, Global Communication Manager at Jotun says, “Reducing the transportation distances of our print materials by the equivalent of travelling to the Moon is a fantastic achievement! Establishing a more efficient print process has been a key part of our ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility commitments. Reducing associated CO2 emissions, along with cutting print volumes by almost half, are big wins that we’re delighted with.”

“But what’s also important is that we’ve been able to do this whilst keeping the Jotun brand consistency globally.”

Transitioning from large volume stock-printing to on-demand printing decreases print volumes and, because prints are available quickly, Jotun no longer needs to order excess prints just in case they’re needed.

Christian Sæterhaug, CMO at Gelato says, “Printing unnecessarily high volumes, transporting prints over long distances, customs issues, inconsistent print quality and invoicing hassles are some of the most common pain points described by our customers. Gelato Globe solves these issues for international customers, allowing them to print their professional materials on-demand and locally. We’re very happy to have helped Jotun achieve what it has so far, but we won’t stop there, will let you know when we reach Mars!”

Founded in the 1920’s in Sandefjord, Norway, Jotun has been a leading manufacturer of paint, coatings and powder coatings for almost 100 years. In 2018 the Jotun Group reported an operating revenue of NOK 17,6 billion.

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NTBinfo: Jotun sikret avtale med verdens største skipsbygger

(Sandefjord, 13. juni 2019). Jotun har inngått en intensjonsavtale med verdens største skipsverft om levering av en ny skipsmaling som reduserer løsemiddelutslipp opptil 90 prosent. Avtalen har en verdi på omlag 400 millioner kroner i året.

Jotun har signert en intensjonsavtale med koreanske Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI). Dette er startskuddet for et tettere samarbeid om bruk av ny innovativ løsemiddelfri primer. Signeringen fant sted mellom Jotuns styreleder Odd Gleditch d.y. og HHIs toppsjef Ka Sam-Hyun under den sørkoreanske presidentens statsbesøk i Norge i juni. Sør-Koreas næringsminister Yunmo Song overvar signeringssermonien.

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