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World Oil: Petroleum Activity in the High North report shows significant value in Barents Sea

STAVANGER — The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has presented the report Petroleum Activity in the High North. The report places the petroleum activity in the High North into a historical, international and technological framework.

“We hope the report can contribute in a knowledge-based approach to the debate,” says Director General Bente Nyland, who presented the report at the Barents Sea conference.

Petroleum activity has taken place in the High North since the first exploration wells were drilled near the coast in the Laptev Sea in Russia in the 1930s. In Norway, petroleum activities in the north started in 1979, and production started from the Snøhvit field in 2007.

Norway is one of five Arctic coastal states, but due to the Gulf Stream, most of our sea areas remain ice-free year-round. The climate in the High North in Canada, the U.S., Russia and Greenland is considerably more challenging, with ice sheets partly or completely covering the area throughout the year.

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