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Global Atlanta: Atlanta Delivers for Norwegian Logistics Software Firm

For Consignor, the market research came second. Executives from the Norway-based logistics and delivery software firm were at a bar in Shenzhen, China, when they asked some American logistics professionals where they should put their US base. The response was clear and immediate. 

“They said, ‘Atlanta — that’s a no-brainer,’” said CEO Peter Tang Thomsen, a Dane who has been running the company from Oslo since its founding 20-plus years ago. 

Mr. Thomsen hadn’t had much experience in the Georgia capital before that, but upon investigation he quickly found out how right they were. 

The city is home to United Parcel Service Inc., one of the largest global express carriers, but also logistics software firms like Chainalytics and Manhattan Associates. After a little more digging, it quickly became evident that Atlanta had specific pool of expertise related to parcel and shipping software. 

Recruiting talent was the company’s top priority, and Atlanta “won big” in that category. 

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