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Digital Journal: 24SevenOffice US is Partnering With the City University of New York on Education of Future CPAs

The world’s most comprehensive ERP system, 24Sevenoffice, has just signed an agreement with The City University of New York (CUNY), Medgar Evers College — The School of Business, on education of future CPAs. 24Sevenoffice will be responsible for the academic curriculum for the practical accounting system training. Thousands of students will use the cloud-based accounting system in their studies and become system experts.

This is one of the first Business Schools in the world to recognize that SaaS/cloud-based software and Artificial Intelligence will totally reform the way an accountant/CPA will work in the near future.

To provide their students with the right skills and experience around these new technologies, they have chosen to collaborate with 24SevenOffice, that will provide them with accounting/ERP software and be responsible for the academic curriculum around cloud-based accounting.

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