Proactive Security in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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Proactive Security in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


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Proactive Security in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Together with the US Embassy, AmCham hosted a session on AI technologies and what they mean for the security of your business, institutions, and data. AmCham member representatives and members of our Tech Talent Network were welcomed with opening remarks from Chargé d’affaires Sharon Hudson-Dean, followed by an informative panel discussion together with representatives from Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST), and DNB.

AI – especially generative – has rapidly evolved from poor to excellent performance, but future threats remain unpredictable, necessitating proactive defense strategies for businesses and institutions. Balancing budgets between investing in new AI technologies and updating end-of-life systems is crucial to avoid falling behind. The high cost of hardware creates a divide between large, well-funded companies relative to their smaller counterparts. AI should be integrated as a collaborative platform rather than just a tool, with experts needed to discern the value of AI outputs due to AI’s language-based perceived intelligence. Thus, with AI’s power to convince, the need for competency in reading AI outputs will become increasingly important. 


 Sharon Hudson-Dean

Misleading AI advice and misuse, such as swatting for amusement, pose significant risks. Great attention in the media on the good, bad, and ugly of AI has pushed the field into the policy-making spotlight and we are seeing an increasing amount of legislation being debated around the world. Regulatory frameworks are essential to guide AI use, balancing safety, public well-being, and business freedom. The public sector, despite needing AI the most, is likely to adopt it last, but there’s a growing cultural shift towards valuing security and public safety. Improved collaboration between public and private sectors will foster better regulation and policy development.

The main takeaway? Stay informed!

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AmCham’s Tech Talent Network (TTN) gathered at Microsoft Norway’s offices, with Nordic Director of Government Affairs Kristine Beitland warmly welcoming participants and addressing the era of tech geopolitics. Beitland emphasized the need for knowledge sharing on fast-paced technological developments for robust regulatory frameworks, especially during periods of global instability

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