Forum Summary: AmCham CFO Forum - September 2019

AmCham welcomed invited financial leads to Discovery Networks Norway‘s Nydalen offices for the latest edition of our CFO Forum.

Henrik Stobbe, Finance Director at Discovery, kicked off the forum with an engaging presentation on the company’s 30-year history in Norway and its adaptation of content creation from linear to digital. He went on to detail and candidly discuss the impact the ongoing transition has had on his industry, organization, and own department’s operations.

Cash Holdings vs. Investments

BI Norwegian Business School Finance Professor Paul Ehling went on to present on financial theories, new developments, and common issues faced in financial markets. He challenged the phrase “cash is king” by exploring the tradeoffs of sitting on cash versus corporate investment.

Ehling provocatively noted that having excess cash on hand could be dangerous as managers often waste money on investments that do not align with the company’s core values. He later concluded that “cash might be a prince” and will differ from firm to firm.

A lively discussion ensued, eventually pivoting to the group’s experiences in working with stakeholders from across the US and Nordics.


Speakers Paul Ehling and Henrik Stobbe

About the AmCham CFO Forum

AmCham’s CFO Forum is a cross-industry platform upon which financial leaders can interact, share best practices and learn from each other about what it takes to run a successful international finance department in Norway.

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