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CFO Forum

Building a Better Workday for CFOs in Norway

A Forum for CFOs, by CFOs

The AmCham CFO Forum is a platform that provides cross-industry financial leads the opportunity to share best practices and have open discussions amongst peers – building a better understanding of what it takes to run a successful international finance department in Norway. 

Through roundtable discussions and engaging, interactive workshops, member participants delve into real world financial operations challenges – from balancing both strategic and operational roles, to ensuring they are getting the best insights and data possible.

Common Challenges. Unique Experiences. Building a Better Workday for CFOs in Norway

AmCham introduced our CFO Forum after hearing from member company CFOs that they lacked a space in which they could collaborate across industries with other CFOs. As has been glaringly evident from our very first meeting, the issues these financial leads are facing are indeed pertinent across industries and companies in the Nordics.

Issues taken up so far have included:

New advancements in financial technology occur at a dizzying pace, a trend that can leave many CFOs with the difficult task of separating the noise from critical developments. Two areas in which these developments have converged with wider global trends are outsourcing and automation. As the prevalence and availability of outsourcing leads to shrinking financial teams, CFOs are having to find the right balance between outsourcing, automation, and retaining top talent in country.

As one CFO Forum participant noted in our February forum, “Reports don’t create results, it’s what people do with them.” Indeed, from driving employee engagement to developing accountability structures, today’s CFO must not only have an astute financial mind but must also be a talented leader. It is a task that will become even more difficult as AI and outsourcing play an increasingly larger role.

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AmCham’s CFO Forums are hosted on a quarterly, rotating basis by participating member companies, featuring up to twenty participants and an interactive program that runs approximately one-and-a-half hours.

The forum host typically participates as one of two to three presenters, all presenting individually on agreed upon, forum-related topics that open the floor to active engagement from all participants.

Previous Forums

The second edition of AmCham’s CFO Forum brought international, cross-industry financial leaders together at IBM’s Oslo Client Center to discuss the concept of “The CFO of the Future.”

With participants from Discovery Networks Norway, Fast Solutions, Gelato, IBM, KPMG, Stanley Security, Pfizer, Arntzen de Besche Advokatfirma, BI Norwegian Business School, Microsoft and Roche in attendance, IBM Global Business Services’ Karina Bjørnarøy kicked off the forum by introducing the concept of Enterprise Design Thinking.

Using this comprehensive framework geared to solve users’ problems “at the speed and scale of the modern digital enterprise,” attendees completed a series of workshop exercises to design the CFO of the future by modelling the CFO of today – reflecting on their own career experiences and bonding over common challenges in the process.

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Ten invited cross-industry CFOs and financial leads from some of Norway’s leading international companies met in the AmCham offices for a very engaging introductory AmCham CFO Forum.

The meeting began with brief introductions, which highlighted the variance in attendance from both freshly appointed CFOs to those who have been working in the position for many years.

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Designing the CFO of the Future
February 2019 AmCham CFO Forum
Designing the CFO of the Future
February 2019 AmCham CFO Forum

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