AmCham Mentorship Program: Season Finale & Starting Anew!

“The capability to rapidly change strategy” has been crucial for Benedikte Sørensen’s team during the pandemic. As Regional Sales Director at Radisson Hotel Group, Benedikte has responsibility for 16 hotels across the country. Hard booking data are what she and her team thrive upon these days, preferring to leave virtual teambuilding “fun stuff” exercises for later.

Joined by fellow Mentorship Program participants, representing a record 24 participating AmCham Patron member companies, Benedikte was the first leader to candidly present during the recent program finale.

Mentorship News Bulletin


Benedikte Sørensen – Regional Sales Director

Geir Westgaard – Vice President of Political and Public Affairs

A Virtual Experience

This, the fifth iteration of AmCham’s popular nine-month program, kicked off virtually in April with leadership presentations from Aksel Reksten of GE Healthcare and Anette Fuglesang of RiskPoint. The program’s midway meeting took place, incredibly, off screen and in person with DNV’s Thomas Vogth-Eriksen and Abbvie’s Kirsti Nyhus sharing their leadership perspectives.

Throughout the program, one-on-one sessions have focused upon networking with intent, team leadership, communication skills, reverse mentoring, workplace motivation, and conflict resolution. Based off of feedback from our mentees, and the unprecedented circumstances of 2020, we invited representatives from Radisson Hotel Group and Equinor to join us in our contemplation of leadership through challenging times.

Shaping Policy Outcomes

Equinor’s Vice President of Political and Public Affairs, Geir Westgaard, spoke to both his many years with Equinor, as well as to his mid-career pivot from government. Spanning Norway, the US, the UK, and Brussels, his story was one of the importance of intellectual curiosity and cultivating a strong network.

Speaking to the duality of networking as both a learned skill and a natural talent, Westgaard highlighted the value of communication. “Never underestimate the power of communication. It is not what you know but how you effectively communicate it that matters.”

A New Season – Register Now!

With many of this season’s mentors already committing to the ’21-22 Mentorship Program, we are excited to be underway in planning and preparing for the next cohort of mentors and mentees, with a kick-off planned for April 2021.

If the ‘20-21 program taught us one thing, it is the importance of thoughtful strategy at all stages of a career. The AmCham Mentorship Program offers a venue for delving more deeply into this mental exercise by offering both a sparring partner and thought-provoking group sessions. If you are interested in joining the ’21-22 Mentorship Program, we would be happy to have you. Please keep in mind that only Patron Member companies nominating both a mentor and a mentee may participate.

About the AmCham Mentorship Program

With its unique cross-industry orientation and global approach, the AmCham Mentorship Program offers a dynamic, internationally-minded arena for leadership development. The program, now in its fifth year, pairs emerging corporate talent with seasoned executives from AmCham Patron-level member companies. The result: a collaborative arena that fosters improvement and reflection, prepares young leaders for the challenges of the international marketplace, and forges bonds between AmCham member companies.