AmCham Mentorship Program Group Meeting: Work Culture & High-Quality Mentoring

AmCham’s latest Mentorship Program group gathering, graciously hosted by AIG, featured enlightening presentations and discussions by both AIG’s Tobias Larsen and Elisabeth Hellemose. Shedding light on the theme of “Bridging US and Nordic Work Cultures,” their insights into AIG’s approach to Values, Volunteerism, and Employee Resource Groups underscored how these strategies foster not only employee engagement but also enhanced performance.

A Unique Collaborative Platform

Mirha Sunagić, Associate Professor at the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), subsequently shared her team’s detailed research on AmCham’s Mentorship Program. In her “High-Quality Mentoring Relationships” presentation, Professor Sunagić shared findings on how the program serves as a unique collaborative platform, preparing emerging leaders for the challenges of today’s international business environment – while fostering robust AmCham community connections.

The meeting culminated in productive break-out sessions where mentors and mentees exchanged insights from their program experiences thus far. The cohort looks forward to embarking on the program’s second half in the months ahead!

Participating Companies 2022-23:

About the AmCham Mentorship Program

With its unique cross-industry orientation, AmCham’s Mentorship Program offers a dynamic, internationally minded arena for leadership development.

The program pairs emerging corporate talent with seasoned executives from AmCham Patron-level member companies. The result: a collaborative arena that fosters improvement and reflection, prepares young leaders for the challenges of the international marketplace, and forges bonds between AmCham’s transatlantic member companies. For further information and interest in the program, please contact