AmCham Digitalization Forum: From Exascale Computing to Critical Considerations

“Any trivial problem can be solved with a pen and paper. Any interesting problem cannot.”

So began Professor Are Magnus Bruaset’s deeply enlightening presentation and roundtable discussion on Simula’s cutting-edge eX3 project. As the institution’s Research Director of Software Engineering and High-Performance Computing, Dr. Bruaset emphasized how improved and novel algorithms are at the epicenter of technological advancement – while demonstrating how limitations in traditional hardware are spawning new, innovative designs that require rethinking of methods and software.



Are Magnus Bruaset – Research Director for Software Engineering and High Performance Computing, Simula Research Laboratory


Abraham Foss – Former CEO, Telia Norway

Digitalization Forum host Dr. Kyrre Lekve, Simula’s Deputy Managing Director, further explained how the burgeoning, state-owned enterprise collaborates with organizations including UC San Diego, Equinor, Cisco, and The Norwegian Research Council on:

  • Network & Communications Systems (mobile performance & reliability solutions)
  • Software Engineering (mission-critical applications)
  • Scientific Computing (process modeling)
  • Machine Learning (algorithms & health technology)
  • Cybersecurity (cryptography)

Simula’s commercialization efforts within these key areas are key, “with the goal being to build research projects into companies,” according to Dr. Lekve. Unloc, Imerso, Eyr, Facil , and LeadX are but some of the many companies currently or formerly engaged in Simula’s multiple innovation programs.

Every Company Has to Have a Digital Strategy!

Deftly switching gears, Abraham Foss’ deep, real-world understanding of the pitfalls and opportunities in digital transformation processes was echoed by enthusiastic comments from senior forum participants. As the former CEO of Telia Norway, Foss explained that “digitalization is not only about apps, the hard part is producing excellent customer journeys.” The ability of a company to understand who their customers really are, build and transfer competence, determine which processes should be automated, and set acceptable risk tolerances will ultimately determine the success of their digital transformation activities.

“Going forward, regulatory issues will represent the biggest challenges to digitalization initiatives, not technological,” according to Foss. Participants agreed, sharing associated GDPR experiences and deliberating many of Foss’ “critical considerations,” including:


  • Think strategically, and sacrifice today
  • Chop up the elephant – one program for everything is impossible
  • Crossover competence is increasingly more important
  • Do not define digitalization as a technical activity – and do not remain on a stratospheric level as a leader
  • Link to partner networks

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The AmCham Digitalization Forum

The AmCham Digitalization Forum was initiated in 2016 in response to wide interest from AmCham member company leaders in better understanding the challenges and opportunities of today’s digital business environment. From sharing best practices to exploring how different member companies have implemented digital transformations, the series aims to foster confidence, inspire collaboration, and promote cross-industry dialogue across the Norwegian-American business community.

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