Optimized Digital Impact: Win Elections, Shape Policy & Raise Awareness

AmCham Norway, in partnership with our fellow Nordic AmChams and Rud Pedersen, hosted a virtual session with Jim Arkedis, the co-founder of digital political and advocacy company Electica.

Presenting from Washington DC, Arkedis drew upon his years of expertise in supporting political campaigns, companies and organizations throughout the US and Europe – sharing best digital budget practices to drive target audience impact.

With advocacy, public affairs and political budgets increasingly allocated to digital stakeholder engagement, spending must effectively account for various platforms’ best use-cases and how they align with the company, organization, or party’s goals – whether building contact lists, raising issue awareness, engaging in fundraising or mobilizing core supporters.

Jim Arkedis – Co-Founder, Electica

Experiment & Scale, Build In-house Expertise

Having spent the past five years focusing on digital campaigns, Arkedis shared his top six rules on digital budget spending and how to leverage each platform’s audience and forms of engagement, drawing upon examples from the 2020 Biden campaign.

Arekedis’ presentation was followed by an interactive Q&A with the Nordic AmCham Directors, focusing on the increasing importance of short video and completion rates, authenticity, regulatory impacts, and regional US-Europe-Nordic digital campaign variances.

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