November 4th at Villa Otium: 220-213 Electoral Votes and Counting!

Together with US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Richard H. Riley, AmCham’s Jason Turflinger welcomed Patron-level member representatives for an exclusive, socially-distanced breakfast on November 4th at the US Embassy’s Villa Otium residence in Oslo.

After a long night, hopes of dissecting concrete election outcomes were off the table, with a record number of mail-in ballots leading to a delay in tallying. Guests gathered instead to watch results trickle in, while assessing various election outcome scenarios.

Gambit Hill & Knowlton’s Director of Public Affairs, Peter Skovholt Gitmark, and Doctoral Fellow at Kristiana University College Ketil Raknes started the group discussion. They touched upon the record-setting turnout of the election and outlined key differences in electoral processes between the US and Norway. 

Soliciting input from guests such as NHO’s Tore Myre, Citi’s Pål Røkke, and the Ministry of Trade’s Jan Farberg, the discussion turned to Norwegian-American trade, election impacts on financial markets, and coming diplomatic processes.

Though guests left Villa Otium with no clear answer as to the winner of the 2020 US Presidential Election, they did leave with an enhanced understanding of how potential outcomes would impact transatlantic relations going forward.


Photo: Høyskolen Kristiania

Chargé d’Affaires Richard H. Riley

US Embassy 

Peter Skovholt Gitmark

Director of Public Affairs

Gambit Hill & Knowlton

Ketil Raknes

Doctoral Fellow

Kristiania University College

About the US Election Series

AmCham Norway, in collaboration with our fellow Nordic AmChams and the US Embassy in Norway, proudly hosts our ongoing 2020 US Election Series. Featuring experts and commentators from diverse organizations such as C-SPAN, Fox News, Pew Research Center, TV 2, and the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the fact-based series enables business and government leaders to more accurately assess a political process that impacts us all.