Membership Levels

AmCham Norway offers three levels of membership. Membership is open to both major corporations and small businesses that share a common interest in AmCham’s mission.


Patron Membership

This level of exclusive membership is optimal for companies that wish to engage in maximum cooperation and receive the greatest support through their AmCham membership. Patron membership entails the benefits of:

  • Unlimited executive-level company representatives on AmCham mailing list
  • Invitation to all relevant AmCham events – including special Patron-level gatherings
  • Priority treatment for profiling and information assistance
  • AmCham assistance with organizing corporate events
  • Prioritized member services
  • Guidance of AmCham event and advocacy initiatives
  • Facilitation of member-to-member printed communications (four annually)
  • Enrollment in annual AmCham International Mentorship Program if desired
  • Notices within AmCham electronic communications (events, reports, special offers)
  • Regular profiling of company within AmCham publications
  • Unrestricted use of AmCham’s downtown Oslo conference room

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Corporate Membership

This level of membership allows for companies to be active within AmCham, receiving the benefits of networking and business-to-business initiatives. More specifically:

  • Up to four executive-level company representatives on AmCham mailing list
  • Invitation to standard and, when possible, special AmCham events
  • Corporate profiling
  • General member services
  • Facilitation of printed member-to-member mass communications once per year
  • Company listing within annual Membership Guide
  • Use of AmCham’s downtown Oslo conference room

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Patron Plus

Made possible through an expanded and ever more capable staff, Patron Plus offers enhanced access, increased visibility and prioritized service. Four Patron Plus memberships are initially available in 2018, with a further four positions offered in 2019.

Please contact us for additional information.

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