Rud Pedersen

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Rud Pedersen Public Affairs is a rapidly growing Public Affairs consultancy and one of the largest European consultancies specializing in the field. Currently, they have offices in 13 cities across 4 Nordic countries, the Baltics, Belgium, Germany, London and Paris. Rud Pedersen Group is ranked 74th in PRovoke Media Global Top 250 PR Agency Rankings 2021.

As a Public Affairs consultancy, they help clients navigate political systems. They understand, analyse and explain society, developments and systems, providing clients with an in-depth understanding of public debate and decision-making processes. All their consultants have backgrounds as senior public figures or have worked alongside key decision-makers in political parties, government bodies and non-profit organisations. They believe that it is essential to have a personal understanding of the political system, as well as the structural factors that can shape the outcome of societal affairs and the building of stakeholder influence.