The company’s subsidiary, Aircontact AS, is Norway’s oldest and largest air broker. It specializes in a wide variety of global air transport solutions.

The travel-related activities are, for the large part, organized under the company’s Berg-Hansen Reisebureau AS – one of Norway’s leading travel agencies.

Although the core activities are within the travel- and aviation industries, Aircontact Group has always cultivated a varied portfolio of investments within other sectors – such as technology and R&D-activities. The non-core investments constitute a significant part of the company’s combined assets. Aircontact Group further represent a series of industry leading companies, streching from Lockheed Martin, Sikorsky Aircraft, Collins Aerospace through Derco Aerospace Inc. and other US companies.

Aircontact Group is an active owner and partner. The group supplies strategic and financial know-how to its fully- and partly-owned companies through board-representation and consultancy – as well as by providing miscellaneous support-functions.

Aircontact Group with its six employees is centrally located in Oslo at Karenslyst Allé 49 and has branch offices in Stavanger and Stockholm, Sweden.