International Women's Day 2022

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, female leaders in AmCham Member companies representing diverse industries answer the question:

How can today’s leaders facilitate female participation in tomorrow’s top roles?

“Take a lesson from the energy industry, where HSE culture has been transformed to be the responsibility of all employees, not only those working in ‘infield’ positions.  Taking a similar approach for building a more equal culture can help unleash the talent we need to tackle the energy challenges of today.”

Wendy Lam

Product Director, Emissions Measurement & Detection

Baker Hughes

“I try to be a good role model, especially for my female employees, as this hopefully will be an example that they can relate to when they consider to take the lead. Furthermore, in our company we are careful to recruit both men and women in order to secure a balanced talent “pool” of future leaders.”

Andiara Nordang Fleischer

Nordic Regional Director LL.M.,

Crawford & Company

“As leaders we have to understand and address both unconscious and hidden biases in the workplace. Unconscious bias in this case refers to our personal prejudices where hidden bias are the systemic problems within our policies and processes. We need to eliminate both to truly facilitate female participation.”

Annabell Siem Mathiesen


Mercer Norway

“By creating inclusive and inspiring work environments that foster enthusiasm and growth. You need to start today to prepare for tomorrow, so today’s leaders need to offer the possibilities to show initiative and take responsibility.”

Kaia Tetlie

Managing Partner

Corporate communications

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want is the best advice I have received. It is particularly important for leaders to encourage their female employees to take initiative in their careers. Use your voice and speak up, leaders always appreciate initiative!”

Nina Brandanger

General Manager

Hotel Continental