Contracting in “the land of the free” – how to handle your freedom of contract under U.S. law – Advokatfirma Schjødt

The Advokatfirmaet Schjødt seminar on US contract law planned for tomorrow, 11 March, in Oslo, and Thursday, 12 March, in Stockholm, will be hosted online because of concerns about the coronavirus and as a matter of precaution.

Registered participants will receive a link to view the webcast before the seminar begins. Instead of starting at 8:30 on each day, the seminars will begin at 9:00 and will conclude by 11:00.

The seminar is hosted by Schjødt’s Michael Decker, with support from Kaare Risung and Thomas Nygren, and is co-hosted by Ryan Marth from the U.S. firm Robins Kaplan.

Schjødt’s Michael Decker, who is originally from the U.S., studied law there, and also practiced there, will present on the following topics:

  • Historical background on U.S. contract law
  • How to choose where to place an office within the U.S.
  • How to choose what state to incorporate your business under in the U.S.
  • How to choose a venue for disputes – among locations within the U.S., and between state or federal court and arbitration
  • How to choose a governing law for disputes
  • And, for all of the above, pitfalls to look out for based on the most recent judicial decisions

Ryan Marth from the law firm Robins Kaplan will then present from his own perspective and expertise on U.S. law, specifically:

  • Some guiding principles for operating in the U.S.
  • Guidelines for protecting intellectual property including trade secrets when dealing with U.S. parties
  • Guidelines for limiting liability in complex business transactions

Please contact us for interest in participating at

March 11 @ 09:00
09:00 — 11:30 (2h 30′)

Oslo, Stockholm

Adokatfirmaet Schjødt