Cloud Elevate

Inject intelligence into your cloud migration.

Ready to take your cloud journey to the next level? Join us for the first ever Cloud Elevate this October in Oslo.

This half-day event promises to be the coolest collection of cloud tech gurus this autumn. We’re teaming up with AWS to shine a spotlight on Generative AI, and how it can inject real intelligence into your cloud migration or modernisation journeys.

Experts from Nordcloud and AWS are joined by a special guest speaker from DNB. They’ll discuss first-hand how to turn ideas and hype into reality, and how generative AI can elevate this experience in cloud.

Plus they’ll touch on edge computing with AWS, why it matters, and how it makes your cloud experience faster and more efficient, without breaking sweat.

And of course you’ll want to stay for an evening of drinks, a live DJ and the chance to catch up with your fellow cloud aficionados.

Why attend?

💡 Expert Insights: Get the inside tech scoop from top AWS experts.
☁️ DNB Stories: Hear real-life cloud tips and takeaways.
🧑🏻‍💻 New Tech Tips: Understand the game-changing potential of Gen AI and edge computing
🎶 Live DJ: Come for the tech, stay for the techno.

More info and registration here.

October 19 @ 13:00
13:00 — 17:30 (4h 30′)

Downtown Oslo