Best Business Practice Sharing amid the COVID-19 Pandemic: China-Based US Execs Share What They’ve Learned over the Past 60 Days

Dear Terri,


As business operations slowly return to normal in China, the world now faces the same realities imposed by COVID-19 that you and the AmCham China community have experienced for the past several months – if not worse.


While success in the fight against the epidemic is within sight in China, the global community must now pick up the mantle. But, the world need not go it alone. And to this end, we all must join in to help, share resources, and ensure that the global community benefits from our experience in tackling this monumental – and now global – challenge.


The global business community can draw on the real experiences of AmCham China’s China-based executives who have had to quickly adjust to manage issues like supply chain and operational disruptions, and corporate citizenship, as well as draw on the resources, collaboration, and spirit of our member community.


As such, AmCham China is proudly hosting a webinar together with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to assist US-based companies as they consider how to mitigate the coming impacts of COVID-19 on their business and operations.


We invite you to share this event with your global headquarters and your colleagues overseas that may now be dealing with the realities of COVID-19.


This free webinar is set to be held on Friday, March 27, from 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM Beijing Time/Friday, March 27, from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM EDT and will consist of three parts:

·       Opening remarks by AmCham China Chairman Greg Gilligan and US Chamber Vice President Jeremie Waterman

·       Best practices shared by AmCham China member company executives from different sectors

·       Panel discussion and audience Q&A moderated by AmCham China President Alan Beebe

Join AmCham China, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and China-based executives to share best practices and insights into the global mitigation of COVID-19.


March 27 @ 14:00
14:00 — 15:30 (1h 30′)


AmCham China