Basefarm Webinar Series: How to Be a Modern Company

The current situation has caused dramatic changes in the global corporate world, accelerating our need for digital transformation. But, does being digital mean that you are vaccinated against unforeseen crisis, or are you under the perception that you already are a modern company?

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Part 1: How to be a modern company – 24th May

  • Exactly what does “being modern” mean?
  • We will deep dive in the definition and walk through the key features of a modern company.
  • To empower you with tools that can help identify your purpose and potential

Part 2: Create your own competitor – Date to be decided

  • Let’s reboot, lean and mean
  • We’ll explore how you can pick one of your existing key products/ services to revive

Part 3: Being a market leader – Date to be decided

  • Based of feedback audience, we’ll be using examples mailed in from the listeners prior.


Stephan Månsby

Stefan Månsby is Chief Evangelist & VP Big Data at Basefarm, for more than 16 years now. At the interface of business, for the past years Stefan and his international team has been researching and commercializing new business applications within cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Besides that, he gives guest lectures and engages in a select few startups. The time left, is filled with photography and racing.

May 25 @ 09:30
09:30 — 10:30 (1h)