AWS Public Sector Webinar Series Cloud Security Strategies

Welcome to the Nordics webinar series

Join AWS’s webinars to hear from experts on how data driven decision making is key for governments and organizations of all sizes to create innovative citizen services, collaborate, and build impactful partnerships — all while remaining secure and compliant.

Webinar 1: Working and Innovating with Open Data on AWS | Register for on-demand Webinar

Learn how governments, research institutions, and organizations of all sizes use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to share large amounts of data publicly. Discover how to share data in the cloud and find publicly available datasets through the Registry of Open Data on AWS. Hear from experts on how open data influences innovation, collaboration, and partnerships.

Jed Sundwall, Global Open Data Lead, AWS
Ann Molin, Head Project Manager, Hack for Sweden

Webinar 2: The Value of Data with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence | Register for on-demand Webinar

Discover how to use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) for digitalization in governments, research institutions, and organizations of all sizes. Using Amazon Machine Learning (Amazon ML) and AI services allows you to unlock data insights, create new citizen services faster, and operate efficiently.

Neil Mackin, Technical Business Development Manager, AWS
Michael Jensen, Head of Technology and Innovation, TV 2 Fyn
Steinar Søreide, Chief Technology Officer, Mjoll

Webinar 3: Smart Cities and Transportation | Register for on-demand Webinar

Central and local governments use cloud technology to transform and innovate transportation and maintain infrastructure around cities. Using cloud technology allows cities to embrace innovation and offer faster, safer, sustainable, and always accessible services to their citizens.

Wayne Soutter, Business Development Manager IoT, AWS
Maria Rautavirta, MSc., Director of Data Business Unit,Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finland
Timo Saarenketo, Chief Executive Officer, Roadscanners Group

Webinar 4: Cloud Security Strategies | November 18, 10:00 CET

Learn how to measure the effectiveness of any cybersecurity strategy and discover how this should influence your IT roadmap. Join us to see how the cloud strengthens an organization’s security posture, regardless of which security strategy it uses.

Tim Rains, Security and Compliance Leader, AWS EMEA Public Sector, AWS

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November 18 @ 10:00
10:00 — 11:00 (1h)