2020 Election Results & Preview of the Biden-Harris Administration

As the US prepares for the January inauguration, what will the Biden-Harris Administration mean for trade, economic and foreign policy? How will the new Administration forge a productive, bipartisan working relationship with Congress? What do recent electoral results tell us about America’s shifting economy and political balance?

AmCham Norway, in partnership with our fellow Nordic AmChams, invites members and partners to an exclusive session addressing these and other important post-election questions with returning guest presenter and White House Correspondent, Jon Decker.

Currently, at Fox News Radio, Decker has been an esteemed member of the White House Press Corps since 1995, covering the Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations. A graduate of George Washington University Law School, Decker also serves as Adjunct Lecturer at Georgetown University.

Please contact us for further information at amcham@amcham.no 

December 9 @ 13:00
13:00 — 14:00 (1h)