AmCham Digital Dugnad

Inspiringly, AmCham member companies are swiftly ramping-up their respective COVID-19 support programs for Norwegian civil society. This is especially true of our tech industry members – within healthcare, online education, cyber security, and communications support. Joined by member representatives from Microsoft, Cisco, Roche, Oracle, AWS, IBM, and SAS Institute, Managing Director Jason Turflinger thus convened the first AmCham Digital Dugnad call to explore collaborative ways in which member companies can further assist the Norwegian public and SME sectors during this unprecedented time of need.

Current free-licensing, trusted information, eLearning, work from home, and online platform scale-up offerings are being augmented and enhanced by newly spawned alliances like The High Performance Computing Consortium (AWS, IBM, Google, and Microsoft) and Virtual Classroom Live (Cisco and IBM). Across the board, it was agreed that there is a need for increased practical technology assistance and support of Norway’s strained public authorities.

AmCham’s companies stand ready and willing to assist – please CONTACT US for ongoing dugnad coordination!

Digital Dugnad Picture