Cybersecurity Norms: An Exclusive Executive Roundtable on Addressing Digital Challenges

Chaired by AmCham and hosted by Microsoft, key public and private stakeholders met with both Anniken Krutnes, Deputy Director General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Liga Rozentale, Director of EU Government Affairs Cyber for Microsoft Europe.

In her unique role as one of 25 Group of Governmental Experts (GGE), Ambassador Krutnes presented Norway’s position on cyber diplomacy at the UN level. “There is no international treaty on cyberspace, nor is one needed. In our opinion, international law applies to cyberspace.”

At the same time, both Krutnes and Brussels-based Rozentale emphasized the need for the active involvement of the private sector and civil society – not only governments – in protecting citizens and critical infrastructure from rising cyber threats. Threats as laid out within the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace – an expanding international coalition committed to working together to adopt responsible behavior and implement fundamental physical world principles within cyberspace.

The Call is based upon nine common principles to secure cyberspace, and includes defending electoral processes, defending intellectual property, and advancing cyber hygiene.

AmCham Norway signed on to the Paris Call in late 2018 and has since been joined by many other worldwide AmChams. In Norway, the growing list of active supporters includes Abelia, DNB, IKT-Norge, Innlandet County, PwC, Telenor, and multiple US companies through parent firm accession.

As the multifaceted and dynamic roundtable came to an abrupt conclusion due to time constraints, trust was at the forefront of invited participants’ minds. “Without trust,” it was stated, “in cyberspace, in our public institutions and in our businesses, we have nothing.” The Paris Call to action represents, therefore, a tangible initiative to address the mounting digital challenges ahead.

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