AmCham Mentorship Program: 2021-2022 Season Wrap-up & Next Edition!

The 2021-2022 edition of the AmCham Mentorship Program convened for its final meeting in February. Presenting were Hydro’s Vice President of People, Communications and Sustainability, Erika Ahlqvist sharing her comparative leadership experiences working in the Nordics and the US, and Hudson Nordic’s CEO and Managing Director, Ola Lenes, who highlighted effective strategies for building and managing future mentorship relationships. Participants shared learnings and reflections gained from their respective mentee/mentor relations over the past nine months.

Erika Ahlqvist

Vice President of People, Communications and Sustainability


Ola Lenes

CEO and Managing Director

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The sixth edition of the popular AmCham program included a record-breaking 74 participants from over 25 member companies and eight industries. It was kicked off virtually in April 2021 with Mentorship insights and tips from Tine Austvoll Jensen, Country Manager of Google Norway.

Program participants met with Yara’s President and CEO, Svein Tore Holsether, who shared his leadership experience before, during and after crisis. They also attended leadership presentations by Thommessen Managing Partner Sverre Tyrhaug and Mirha Sunagic, Associate Professor at USN School of Business.

All participants were paired across industries, based upon their personal interests and goals, to facilitate leadership dialogue, share best practices, and learn from one another through the nine-month curriculum. Throughout the program, one-on-one sessions focused on networking with intent, team leadership, communication skills, reverse mentoring, workplace motivation, and conflict resolution.


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With many of this season’s mentors already committing to the ’22-23 Mentorship Program, we are excited to be underway with planning and preparing for the next cohort of mentors and mentees, with a kick-off planned for Q2 2022.

The AmCham Mentorship Program offers a venue for delving more deeply into this mental exercise by offering both a sparring partner and thought-provoking group sessions. Mentors will select talented and aspiring colleagues from within their own companies to participate as mentees. Program participants will then be paired by AmCham across industries to facilitate the nine-month leadership dialogue.  

The Mentorship program is available to Patron-level members of AmCham Norway. For further information and interest in the program, please contact

About the AmCham Mentorship Program

With its unique cross-industry orientation and global approach, the AmCham Mentorship Program offers a dynamic, internationally minded arena for leadership development.

The program pairs emerging corporate talent with seasoned executives from AmCham Patron-level member companies. The result: a collaborative arena that fosters improvement and reflection, prepares young leaders for the challenges of the international marketplace, and forges bonds between AmCham member companies.

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