AmCham Financial Forum: Evolving Advice & Partnerships

AmCham Norway’s Financial Forum gathered virtually last week for the final session of 2020. Special member presenter Richard Stott, founding partner and CEO at Connectum Capital Management, outlined how financial advice is changing in light of the “Norwegian dilemma” within saving and investment culture.

With 25+ years of experience, Stott expertly compared traditional financial advice – where investors relied exclusively upon bank, insurance company and fund manager guidance – to evolved, forward-looking relationships between independent, specialized advisors and increasingly well-informed clients. “No one truly understands the complexity of financial markets. If uncertainty didn’t exist, returns wouldn’t be possible,” he iterated.

Forum participants eagerly engaged Stott on OTP risk profiles, ESG investments, state vs. personal savings reliance, and reputable Norwegian market resources throughout the session. Currently, Connectum is the only investment advisory firm in Norway certified by the Center for Fiduciary Excellence, which conducts third party audit of investment advisers in accordance with global standards.


Richard Stott

Founding Partner and CEO

Julie Hellberg

Senior Strategic Partnership Manager

Kathy Chang

Head of Fintech Partnerships

DNB's Strategic Partnerships

In contrast to Stott’s insights, DNB’s Senior Strategic Partnership Manager Julie Hellberg and Head of Fintech Partnerships Kathy Chang then outlined how their team assesses potential partners in accordance with the bank’s five verticals and strategic models. Fellow banks, fintech companies, big tech, startups and non-financial firms are each potential DNB vendors, distributors, co-developers, co-owners and M&A prospects.

Detailing financial/tech industry partnerships and overlaps, both within DNB and externally, the pair strongly agreed that increasingly informed customers – combined with enhanced financial services price transparency – means intensified competition. “Banks’ significant infrastructure,” noted one participant, is an irrefutable and enduring competitive advantage.

About the Finacial Forum

The AmCham Financial Forum is a platform that gives financial leaders the opportunity to interact, share best practices, and learn from each other – building a better understanding of what it takes to run a successful international finance department in Norway. 

Our next Financial Forum is currently being planned – for interest in participating, please contact Madeleine Brekke.

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