AI Measures in US and EU: Preparing Businesses for New Requirements & Expectations

In partnership with SAS Institute and our fellow Nordic AmChams, we were pleased to host a virtual discussion on AI measures in the US & EU with Reggie Townsend, Vice President at SAS Institute and member of the U.S. National AI Advisory Committee.

The event focused on governmental measures aimed at regulating AI, including the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence Executive Order in the US, and the EU’s upcoming Trustworthy AI Act.

Josefin Rosén – Nordic Head of AI

Reggie Townsend

Reggie Townsend – Vice President

As a member of the AI Advisory Board to President Biden, Reggie Townsend shared the background and status of the Executive Order. Joining the discussion was SAS Institute’s Nordic Head of AI Josefin Rosén, who shared the status of the EU’s AI regulatory law coming into force in the coming months.

We sincerely thank our friends at AmCham Denmark for arranging and virtually hosting us!