A Message from the Managing Director

Happy New Year!

Evidently, recharged holiday break batteries weigh a couple kilos more – which I deem a reasonable tradeoff. With julemat leftovers now fully depleted and early morning alarm clocks reactivated, a few thoughts on the year ahead.

As we return to our desks (or kitchen/cabin tables), AmCham’s ’22 marching orders have been received loudly and clearly. According to you, our thoughtful member leaders, business development, stability & transparency, market access, public-private collaboration and talent development should underpin all we do. Contributing to our recent strategic priority survey, your guidance, focus, critique and accolades are genuinely valued – and acted upon.

Whether in-person or virtual, coming AmCham meetings have been carefully designed to facilitate exchange amongst Norway’s most vibrant, innovative and deep-rooted companies – bellwethers comprising the vast transatlantic business community. Access to the decision makers who run these companies – and what they perceive as important or less so – cannot be overstated.

Jason Turflinger

Want to understand what the $1.2 trillion US Infrastructure Investment Act means for Norwegian suppliers? Tune in on January 13th.

Want to ask global Sustainability Directors from ABS and KPMG which decarbonization, value chain and urban development paradigms will drive business for their thousands of transatlantic clients? Join us on January 14th.

Want to know what the White House says about future transatlantic data flows, trade and US competitiveness? Please register for our January 31st meeting!

AmCham’s business services offerings, highlighted as possible via our weekly comms, have been fine-tuned to address real member needs. From single-company, specific access issues to trusted referrals, original member articles, policy updates, two talent development programs and in-depth business publications, our hardworking team remains vigilant.

Please note: our popular and unique 2022-23 Mentorship Program will commence in early May. With 70+ Patron-level representatives participating in our current nine-month cross-industry program, now is the time to further invest in leadership skills – both for yourself and for your ambitious colleague(s).

Please also note that our illuminating industry report along with Oslo Economics, aptly entitled Multinational Healthcare Investment in Norway: Fulfilling Potential, will soon be released. Months in the making and impactful, the report embodies the very best of AmCham’s collaborative platform on behalf of improved public-private partnerships.

Government advocacy, an AmCham cornerstone, will empower members in the New Year like never before. Is there a regulatory issue impacting your industry? We’re on it. Is a crucial hearing deadline approaching? Let’s coordinate. Are government agencies unresponsive? Let us know. Need help facilitating sustained outreach to US and Norwegian officials? We can assist!

Especially active on behalf of our tech, healthcare and food & beverage industry members, AmCham’s deep member roster and longtime partner relationships mean that you will remain apprised – and that your committed transatlantic investments will be duly valued.

As we diligently plot out the year’s meeting, services and advocacy initiatives, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation for your camaraderie, example and can-do spirit. The AmCham team is powered and inspired by each and every interaction we have with you, our limitless members!