A Message from the Managing Director

Happy New Year!

The promise and hope of a New Year are upon us – with all of the commitments, ambitions and responsibilities that we as business leaders necessarily espouse. AmCham’s professional community is stubbornly optimistic in the face of inflationary pressure, talent shortages, ongoing restructuring, finicky markets, continued rate hikes and taxation innovations.

Most regrettably, we are quickly approaching one year since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine – and nine years since its illegal annexation of Crimea. Supporting our Ukrainian allies, the transatlantic community has reacted and collaborated admirably over the past year. Let’s do our respective parts to ensure that both collective memories and direct assistance don’t again fade.

Jason Turflinger

During 2023, AmCham Norway will simultaneously celebrate both our 25th and 65th anniversaries – dependent upon how one tallies. We will mark these important milestones together with you over the coming year, proudly and pragmatically (think fewer black ties, more surprises during gatherings).

We will also continue celebrating member favorite undertakings like our Sustainability Forum, Mentorship Program, Healthcare Committee, joint Nordic AmChams programming and Thanksgiving Charity, while acting upon the hard choices to reconfigure and reallocate our finite resources where necessary. We will welcome a new member to Team AmCham in the spring, and I know our extended AmCham member and partner family will welcome them warmly.

The AmCham community, as it turns out, is in a steady and prolonged state of expansion. Never have we had more top-level Patrons amongst our membership ranks, and never have we been more selective as to which new member companies can best contribute to our dynamic business association.

Though it’s sometimes simply assumed that AmCham member representatives are good at their jobs, we do not take the opportunity to connect and work alongside you for granted. We look forward to a year of impact, evolution and excellence together!