Norwegian Air Fires Back at US Critics

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Norwegian Air Fires Back at US Critics


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Norwegian Air celebrated the one-year anniversary of its service to the U.S. this week by taking the opportunity to “set the record straight” – read: blast its critics – about the carrier’s plan to offer increased international flights out of London Gatwick Airport.

U.S. airlines and the Airlines Pilots Association have been highly critical of the plan, saying Norwegian is circumventing labor laws in its own country by opening a corporate subsidiary in Ireland.

Now Norwegian has taken the occasion to tell its side of the story and rip the U.S. airlines for attempting to corner the market on lucrative trans-Atlantic routes.

In a press release, the airline said “Norwegian believes that competition on intercontinental flights is long overdue. Flights between the U.S. and Europe have traditionally been way too expensive. Why should a flight between New York and Europe cost three times as much as a flight between New York and Los Angeles? The flight to Europe is only about an hour longer, sometimes even less.”

Source: Travel Pulse

Published: May 6, 2014