New Publication: Membership Guide 2018-2019

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New Publication: Membership Guide 2018-2019


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Membership Guide 2018-19

We proudly present to you our 2018-19 Membership Guide! This annual publication serves to further promote exchange within AmCham’s extensive network of member and partner organizations throughout Norway and the United States. AmCham continues to work diligently on issues that facilitate US-Norway business exchange, including promotion of pro-business policy, events and trusted partner referrals.

Norway is a nation dependent on international trade. As highlighted in our recent report, US Companies in Norway, American companies are cornerstones in the Norwegian business landscape.

Membership Guide 2018-2019

Drawing upon our knowledge and cross-sectoral experience, this Membership Guide highlights why Norway is an attractive place in which to invest, while also emphasizing the importance of US-Norway company collaboration. Additionally, included herein are some of the challenges and opportunities for businesses establishing in Norway – as well as why sound business policy frameworks are vital to promoting and retaining foreign direct investments. We resolutely wish to convey that Norway is indeed open for business! Other special features include:

• Supporting the Success of US and Norway, by US Ambassador, Kenneth J. Braithwaite
• Strengthening Business Cooperation, by Minister of Trade, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen
• The AmCham Mentorship Program and other leadership initiatives
• An introduction of AmCham’s renewed Board of Directors
• A closer look at where US companies in Norway are headquartered and where they are established in Norway

The AmCham Norway Team

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