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TINE SA is Norway’s largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products. TINE SA is strongly positioned in the Norwegian consciousness. The milk is processed into more than 500 product varieties that are found on shop shelves under the TINE trademark. TINE SA is responsible for product development, quality assurance, production and distribution planning, marketing, sales and the export of TINE products. TINE is a dairy cooperative owned by 14,170 dairy farmers. Each of them owns a share in the collective’s dairy company to which they deliver 1.4 billion liters of cow milk and 19.4 million liters of goat milk every year. TINE SA is one of Norway’s largest food industry companies with a total of 5.485 employees and annual revenue of 19.7 billion NOK in 2012. TINE SA has through 130 years built its business on culinary culture and good experience, with attention to the requirement of safe food.