Government Discusses Business Safety After Hostage Situation

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Government Discusses Business Safety After Hostage Situation


Category: Defense / Security

The Minister discounts that Norwegian companies should pull out of areas due to the risk of terrorism, reports Dagsavisen.

This includes Statoil, who currently undertakes half of their activities outside of Norway.

“We will not retreat from some regions because of what happened in Algeria. We should not let us be dictated to by terror or be frightened into not participating in a country’s economic development,” Minister Giske declared.

According to Kristine Beitland, director of Norwegian business security advisory council the NSR, “Norway’s international engagement in fragile areas makes us more vulnerable.”

“Awareness about assessing risk when establishing oneself in an area is more important than ever, therefore,” she said in a statement. “Businesses that operate in volatile areas will never be 100 percent secure. However, a thorough assessment of the security risk is essential to prevent serious incidents and meet a crime picture we are not familiar with at home.”

Algerian authorities reported 37 foreign people were killed in the terrorist attack on the In Aménas gas facility.

The four coffins containing the Statoil deceased 58-year-old Tore Bech, Hans Martinus Bjone, 55, Alf Vik, 43, and 35-year-old Thomas Snekkevik returned by plane to Oslo Gardermoen Airport on Wednesday.

Fifth Statoil employee 56-year-old Victor Sneberg from Sandnes, western Norway, is still unaccounted for.

Source: The Foreigner

Published: April 24, 2024