Business Advancements in Focus: Executive AI Training Course

AmCham staff and members participated in a two-part Executive Training course on Artificial intelligence (AI) provided by Simula Learning during April.

The course was developed for business executives with limited technical experience to familiarize themselves with the terminology and concepts of AI.

Day 1 focused on introducing participants to Artificial Intelligence with basic definitions, including data sources and methods, as well as defining machine learning and a general understanding of neural networks. Participants were then given the opportunity to teach a self-driving robot to avoid falling off a table. 

Day 2 focused on use cases of AI, machine learning techniques, privacy and ethics around AI, implementation for respective industries as well as opportunities and limitations for the future of AI. Participants worked in groups to design an AI system for an education use case. Looking at future technology the session covered several fascinating projects in natural language processing, coding, and image generation.

The class was taught by PhD-candidate Hanna Borgli and Associate Professor Håkon Kvale Stensland from Simula.

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