AmCham Defense Forum: Strengthening Alliances - Insights on the Norwegian Long-Term Defense Plan

In May, we had the pleasure of hosting Deputy Director General Marianne Rafn Skuse from the Norwegian Ministry of Defense and US Defense and Naval Attaché Todd Santala at Villa Otium, in collaboration with the US Commercial Service. 

Deputy Director General Rafn Skuse, who leads Defense Planning at the Department for Defense Policy and Long-term Planning, shared insights on the newly approved Long-term Defense Plan (LTP). She emphasized the importance of its broad political support in Parliament to ensure continuity and commitment in the years ahead, as the funds will not be fully implemented until 2036. She also highlighted the need to address critical weaknesses in the Norwegian military alongside investing in new capabilities. The main prerequisites for growth include greater endurance, improved living and working conditions for military personnel, increased personnel, and modernized ICT infrastructure. The main priorities for new capabilities are enhanced situational awareness, replacement of the surface fleet, increased capacity for the army and home guard, and strengthened air defense. 

In Partnership with

The Norwegian defense concept is based on cooperation between the military, allies, and civil-military partnerships. Industrial cooperation will help achieve the Norwegian armed forces’ goals by developing new technologies, facilitating research and innovation, creating faster and more flexible procurement processes, and improving competency. 

Defense Attaché Santala emphasized that the significant investments outlined in the LTP will strengthen Norway as a key ally to the US and NATO. He noted that these upgrades and new investments will enhance strategic capabilities in the Arctic region, aligning well with US military objectives and complimenting US capabilities. Norway’s strategic position in NATO has become even more important since Sweden and Finland joined, making Norway a transit country for personnel and equipment. The improvements from the LTP will not only bolster Norway’s national defense but also make it a more reliable partner for its allies. 

As the security environment evolves and technological advancements accelerate, industrial cooperation is becoming increasingly crucial. This extends beyond the defense industry to include sectors such as technology, health, and sustainability. 

About the AmCham Defense Forum

In partnership with the US Commercial Service, the Defense Forum supports US defense industry partners in Norway. Key Patron-level and defense industry representatives gather quarterly to forge enhanced public-private sector collaboration – sharing insights, developments, and trends to secure long-term transatlantic bonds.

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