24SevenOffice Freemium launched in US

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24SevenOffice Freemium launched in US


Category: Technology

24SevenOffice launched today a new Freemium business model in the US. Small businesses can now start using a somewhat downscaled version of 24SevenOffice’s ERP system completely free for one user. As your business grows, you can easily upgrade to multiple users and functionality by paying a monthly subscription cost.

24SevenOffice is with this initiative the first ERP / business system with a Freemium model, where companies can grow big in the same ERP system.

In addition, we offer, in cooperation with our accounting partners, a manual “pay per voucher” accounting service. This means that the customer can choose to only book keep the 80% -90% of the vouchers either automatically posted by the system or that is easy to post them self and thus only forward those they are unsure of how to bookkeeping. In this way, the company saves a considerable amount on both accounting and business systems.

To test the system, you can register a free US client here:


Source: 24SevenOffice